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Welcome to 3S


As a new teacher I am very excited to be starting Ranelagh and being apart of 3S. Please look below to find key information that you will find useful and all about what we will be learning this term. Attached are the medium term plans which you can find at the bottom of this page. I aim to regularly update this page, to show what we have been doing in class and the progress that the children are making.

Important Information

  • PE lessons are every Monday and Friday. Please ensure your child has both indoor and outdoor kits with them on these days.
  • NB: For the first half of the summer term we will be doing PE on a Wednesday instead of a Friday.
  • Homework is set on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.
  • Spellings are also set on a Friday and the children are tested the following Thursday.
  • Please ensure that your child's reading/maths journal is signed every week. We expect the children to be reading at home at least three times a week. When you listen to your child read, please record it in their journals. Reading is so important for all aspects of children's learning and we really appreciate your support with this.


Summer term-


Topic- Our new topic this term is 'Farm to Fork'. This should be a really good topic and a chance for the children to get outside, hopefully make the most of the hot weather. We will be going on a trip to a farm this term and hopefully be growing some produce in our own classroom. 


Maths- This half term, we are going to be moving away from number and recapping on other areas such as statistics, geometry, time and fractions.


Our mathematical focus is still on learning our times tables focusing on our 8's. In addition, to working on telling the time.


English- This half term, we are going to linking our new topic into our English work. We are going to be looking at food based poems and food based adverts and the children are going to be working towards writing their own food poem and designing and recording their own advert based on a food product. Towards the end of the half term we have got an exciting project planned. The children will be proposing the build of a local shop in the local area. This project will involve us looking round and observing the local area, researching local statistics, writing scripts, filming and developing their own questionnaires.  This will be a great opportunity for children to develop their speaking and listening skills and hopefully will be something that they really enjoy and thrive from.


Science- Before we start our new topic of plants, we are going to do a few one off scientific experiments to give opportunity for the children to explore their scientific minds and increase their scientific language. Hopefully, we will be able to do some of these experiments outside if the weather permits!


PE- In PE this half-term  we are very lucky to be having Dave Little come in and do a six week block of cricket. This will be a great opportunity for year 3 to learn the game and develop their skills of being a team player.


PSHE- In PSHE, we will be focusing on healthy living looking at ways we can keep a healthy mind, body at attitude. This will involve lots of circle time based activities and games.


RE- Following from our very successful RE day, to which the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy, we are carrying on looking at the religion Christianity. We will focus on morals and looking at what things are right and what things are wrong. This will be more discussion based rather than expressing ourselves creatively like we did so on RE day.


Spring term-

Topic- Our new topic this term is 'Power'. We are going to start of with discussing what power means to us. We then are going to be looking at different aspects of power, including powerful world figures, natural sources of power, the timeline of power and then we will end the half term with designing a new superhero.


In the second half of this term, we are focusing on looking at a different natural disaster each week. We will create posters, fact files and look at comparisions between different locations where these may occur.


Maths- This half term in maths we are going to start by looking at statistics. We are going to be making our own pictograms and then converting pictograms into bar charts. After that, we are going to recap and revise areas that we covered last term such as column methods for addition and subtraction and grid method for multiplication. We will end the term, going over time again, an area which is often a tricky concept for children to understand.


In the second half of the term we will focus on looking at rounding, fractions, measurements, money and time as well as a recap of all four operations. 


Our mathematical focus is still on learning our times tables with our target ones being 3, 4 and 8. In addition to working on telling the time.


English- We are starting the first two weeks back of term with poetry. This is something that all the children really enjoyed towards the end of term last year. We will be looking at two poems 'At the end of school assembly' by Simon Pitt and 'Where teachers keep their pets' by Paul Cookson. These lessons will involve lots of practical activities where the children will get the opportunity to perform these poems and then rewrite their own versions of these. The performance theme continues as the children will research a news story linked in with our topic power to which they will film their own news report about the story.


In the second half of the term we will be focusing mainly on fiction. We will base our work on a different book each week, these include 'Meerkat mail by Emily Gravitt', 'The true story of the three little pigs' and 'Invisible boy' by Trudy Ludwig. These lessons will involve a lot of practical activities through role play such as hot seating, conscience alley and filming our own role play court scene.


Science- Our topic for this half term is 'Forces and rocks'. This half term we will doing more practical experiments and working more scienticifically. 


3S really enjoyed our last science topic, exploring with magnets and forces. Our next topic is 'light'. We will be doing a lot more scientific investigations and experiments which will hopefully continue to engage their scientific minds.


PE- In PE this half-term our focus is on fitness and the children will complete a circuit of activities with each week trying to beat their fitness score. The children will then have the opportunity to design and try out their own fitness circuit. 


In the second half of this term, we will be using the apparatus including the climbing frame, the ropes and the beam to explore children's balance, flexibility and movement and the ability to sequence these together.


PSHE- In PSHE, we will be continuing to focus on the media and then we will move on to money with the focus on saving money. We have adopted a circle time approach which children seem to really enjoy as it gives them a chance to open up and also listen to others.


Our focus for the second half term will be looking at the importance of telling the truth. We will base this around the story 'The boy who cried wolf' and look at the reasons why people lie and why honesty is always the best policy.



Autumn Term

Maths -  In maths this term we are going to be recapping on a variety of maths skills such as place value, partitioning, number bonds and inverse. This is to ensure that children still have all these skills and knowledge embedded in them after the long summer break. After this we will be learning new skills which will focus on the four operations and written methods for these. For addition and subtraction we will be looking closely at the written column method.

We will also have a 'Big Maths' session every Thursday where we will be undertaking a 'Beat That!' test, trying to improve our scores each week!


The second half of the term, we will be moving away from number and focusing on shape, time, fractions and statistics. Recapping on what was taught in year 2 and moving on to the year 3 curriculum. We will still be practising our timetables in starters and morning challenges.


English - In English we are starting off the year looking at fiction. Our first scheme of work will be based on the novel 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole', where we will make predictions, story map, think of alternative endings and then re-create the book through role play. We will also compare this book to others.

For the majority of the term we will be focusing on 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens. This directly links to our topic for the term - 'Victorians and Edwardians'. We will be reading and analysing various parts of the text together, aswell as basing a lot of our work for the term on this text for example, diary entries, role play, posters etc.


The second half of the term, we will be finishing off Oliver Twist and moving on to non-fiction texts. The children will make a leaflet based on an area of Victorian history and we will finish the term off by looking at some poetry about Christmas.


Science - Our science topic for this term is 'Rocks' where we will be learning about 3 main types of rock and carrying out experiments, paying careful attention to fossils and the work of palaeontologists. We will then move onto 'Food and our Bodies' where we will learn all about different food groups, nutrition and the human body.


P.E - Our PE for this first half term is football and gymnastics. Keeping active and healthy is something that will continue to be embedded and talked about regularly and these sessions are planned in mind to create a fun, active environment for all children to engage with and enjoy. 


The second half of this term we will be focusing on basketball and dance. In dance, we are going to be linking in our work which we have been doing in PSHE to choreograph a dance to the song 'fight song' with the theme of the dance being bullying. With what they will learn in the first few dance lessons, they will chorograph some of the dance themselves!


PSHE - This half term we will focus on relationships and how to deal with our emotions. These lessons will be heavily based on circle time and lots of group discussions and group work. We will be mainly talking about topics such as  friendship, bullying and our differences. We will then move on in the second half-term looking at what media means to them.


Topic - As mentioned about, our topic for this whole term is 'Victorians & Edwardians'. We will be learning all about maps and timelines, key individuals such as Queen Victoria, Victorian interventions and daily life in these times. We are planning on doing a role play of what school would be like in the Victorian times, by carrying out a lesson in the Victorian format. From this, we will use this experience in our English, to help us with our writing The history of our school is also relevant to this time period, so we will be looking into this as part of our topic towards the end of this term.