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Make something Monday

Make something Monday- 

Make something Monday -


This week we would like you to make your own scrap book. Follow the instructions below to make it and then you can use it to draw and make in. 


What you need


Paper - any type of paper that you have (sugar paper, plain paper, scrap paper, grease proof paper)


Elastic band



What to do


With an adult helping, cut the pieces of paper so they are the same size. 


Cut the cardboard so that it is slightly bigger than the pieces of paper.


Place the pieces of paper on top of the cardboard. 


Fold all of the paper and the cardboard in half. 


Put the elastic band around the paper and cardboard so it is in the fold. 


Decorate the front of your scrap book.


Use your scrap book!



Making Elastic Band Sketchbooks

Watch the video below so that you can see what to do!