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Introducing NESSY

What is NESSY?


NESSY is an online education system that helps children learn through fun activities. Nessy Programs are designed to help students of all abilities learn to read, write, spell and type especially those with English as an Additional Language. Nessy has been making fun, educational software for children since 1999 and has developed a reputation for exceptional quality. Nessy is used globally by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students and a 3-time winner at the prestigious Educational Resources Awards.

We would like you to make sure that your child spends 20 minutes every day using Nessy.

The online study programme is closely monitored, and we will receive a report each week, that shows how much time was spent on the Nessy programme. It will also show us what progress is made – this will help your child with reading, writing and spelling, it will also help us to plan future lessons.

To log in, children need the following login information which you can receive from Mrs Hopper by sending an email to or by asking their class teacher.


Secret word:

Your child’s name:


Have fun!