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Week 10- 1st June

Make something Monday- 



Make a times table wheel! Follow the steps in the video below and make a wheel for the 2,5,10 or 3 times table. If you know those already, try another times table like 4 or 6. Use the wheel to practise recalling your times tables off by heart. Video yourself using it to show your teacher on Class Dojo 

You could use paper plates or normal paper to make the wheel. If you don't have a split pin, don't worry! You could use two buttons with the paper in the middle or any other objects around the house that allow the paper to still spin but stay in place.


Topic Tuesday-

Did you see the NASA space launch!!!

It was incredible!


Watch the launch here:


Once you have watched it, write a letter to a family or friend telling them what has happened and what you saw. Tell them what you think of the launch and why you think this is an important event in the world.



Wonderful World Wednesday-




Today for our wonderful world activity, help out nature in your garden by making a mini pond. This doesn't have to be fancy; an old tub that can hold rain water will do lovely. Don't worry if you can't get any aquatic plants. Put rocks and plants nearby to attract wildlife and make sure there is a way for animals to get out like hedgehogs. plants will grow in the water over time. If you aren't able to make a mini pond, you could visit a pond or nature area and make scientific observations there.

Here is a website that might help you with ideas:


Have fun creating a little space for nature and make sure you take a photo.

Throughout the next couple of weeks make sure the mini pond is topped up with water if it evaporates and record your observations in a little scientific journal. You can draw sketches, labels, record your observations of what you see and write any questions you would like to find out for research later on. 


Therapeutic Thursday-


Snuggle in bed, on your sofa or walk to your local park and lay underneath a shady tree to listen to this audio book called 'Hansel and Gretel'.




Maths challenge-

This week we are focusing on missing number additions. When we add, we know 2 parts equal a whole but for these problems one of the parts is missing! Watch the video below to see the two methods you could use for solving these addition problems. The practical method works when using smaller numbers so this is suitable for challenge 1 questions. The second method can be used for any missing number addition so try using this method if you are doing challenge 2 questions.


English challenge-

This week we would like you to share what you have been doing by writing a diary entry. You can add to your diary each day or write it all at the end of the week. Use the 'How to write a diary' guide below to make sure you write the events in order, write in the past tense and include detail by using adjectives and writing about your emotions. There are also some really interesting sentence starters you could use. 

If you would like to write your diary in a homemade mini diary, watch the video below on how to make a notebook. You will need an adult to help you with this! Don't try this without an adult.


Phonics challenge-


Word hunt! 

Get your adult to write down 10 words that you need practice reading and spelling and hide them around the house or garden. These could be words containing certain sounds e.g. 'igh' words, common exception words or words with different suffix endings. 

Once you find all 10 words, read the words and spell them in sand, mud or playdough. Can you then apply the word into a sentence applying a capital letter, full stop and fantastic handwriting?