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Week 10 beginning 01.06

WB 01/06/20


Make something Monday- 

This half term our topic is ‘Plants’. For make it Monday we would like you to produce a careful sketch of a plant of your choice – it could be one in your home, your garden, or one you find outside. Try to include details. It is up to you whether you decide to add colour in the form of paint, pencils etc. or use your pencil to add shading to produce a black and white art piece.

See some examples below J



Topic Tuesday-

As a start for our science topic of ‘Plants’, we would like you to research and label the different parts of a plant. In Year 3/4 the parts we need to know are;





Extension – can you research the function of each of these parts?



NOTE – the image is provided as a guide. We would love it if you could draw and label a diagram of your own plant – it would be fantastic if you could research some other parts of a plant and add these onto your diagram!

If you can clearly see these different parts on your ‘make it Monday’ sketch then feel free to use this as your image to label!


Wonderful World Wednesday-

This week we would like you to learn about volcanoes! These are fascinating natural features of our world.

Produce an information poster about volcanoes. This could include a labelled diagram, key facts about volcanoes or perhaps you would like to focus on one volcano in particular.

This video about ‘Kilauea’ may spark some interest!



Therapeutic Thursday- 

Choose 3 of these activities to complete.



Fitness Friday- 

This week we are setting you 5 fitness challenges! Your ‘buddy’ could be a brother, sister, parent or even a pet!


Weekly English task-

As summer appears to be emerging, with the beautiful weather we have had lately, your English task is to write a ‘Setting description’ using this beautiful summery picture.

We would like no more than a page of lovely descriptive writing, using your imagination and 5 senses (See, hear, smell, touch, taste).

Here is an example -

‘In front of my eyes lay a scene so beautiful and pure that it gave me a sense of instant relaxation. In the distance, mountain clusters stood with scatters of snow beginning to melt away. Beautiful purple flowers were blooming in the scorching sunshine – untouched and undisturbed by any human contact…’



Weekly Maths task- 

Lots of you have been doing some baking during this time at home so this week, let’s apply our maths to some recipes!


Recipe Challenges

Use the recipes to answer the following questions (use your knowledge of multiplication and division to help you solve these):


Chocolate chip cupcake Recipe – Makes 10 cupcakes

100g butter or margarine

100g caster sugar

2 free-range eggs, lightly beaten

1 tsp vanilla extract

50g chocolate chips

100g self-raising flour

2 tbsp milk



Gingerbread Recipe – Makes 10 biscuits

350g plain flour

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp ground cinnamon

120g butter

180g light soft brown sugar

1 free-range egg

4tbsp golden syrup



Challenge Questions:

Chocolate chip cupcake Recipe Questions 

 1. How many grams of butter would be in each cupcake?

 2. How many grams of caster sugar would be in 3 cupcakes?

 3. How many eggs would be needed to make 20 cupcakes?

 4. How many grams of chocolate chips would be needed to make 40 cupcakes?

Gingerbread Recipe Questions

 5. How many tablespoons of golden syrup would be needed to make 5 biscuits?

 6. If 1 tbsp contains roughly 15ml of liquid, how many ml of golden syrup does the recipe contain?

 7. The recipe uses 120g butter. How many grams would be needed to make 1 biscuit?

 8. How many tsp of ground cinnamon would I need to make 50 biscuits?


Extension Questions:

  9. How many grams of caster sugar would be needed to make 25 cupcakes?

10. How many cupcakes could you make using 8 tbsp of milk?

12. How many cupcakes could you make with 1 kilogram of butter?

13. How many grams of butter would you need to make 100 gingerbread biscuits?

14. How much more butter does each cupcake contain than each gingerbread biscuit? (answer in grams)