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Week 11 - 8th June

Make something Monday:

Spaghetti Towers
Can you build a structure that will stand on its own? You can use uncooked spaghetti/ straws/ toothpicks with anything sticky like marshmallows or playdough.


Topic Tuesday:

Shadows are created when light is blocked by an object. When no light can get through then the object is opaque. When a small amount of light can pass through then the object is translucent. When lots of light goes through it is transparent.
Have a go and see what different shadows you can make. Can you find any objects or materials that are transparent, translucent or opaque?


Wonderful World Wednesday:

On your walk today collect some materials and make your own fairy garden. 
You could create it in your garden or an old bowl or plant pot. You can use pebbles, compost, moss and any small plants you are able to use (ask grown ups first please). How about using sticks or lolly pop sticks to create a house, bench, fence or gate. 
Once you're finished you could always use it as a home for your small toys.
How about growing your own plants there? Or turning it into a minibeast habitat?


Fitness Friday:

This game can be played for a short period of time or a whole day! The first job is to find a dice or make one using a template or old cardboard box. Number each side. Then on a piece of paper decide which fitness activity each number represents. Make them as silly as you like. Finally decide on a buzz word. This is the word you can't say all day. If the 'buzz' word is said you have to roll the dice and do a fitness consequence for 30 seconds. It could be a crazy word like 'potato' or make it more difficult by choosing a word like 'and'.
Remember its a fun game! So make sure you stop the activity when it's lost its excitement.