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Week 12 - 15th June

Maths Challenge


Can you make a clock and use this clock to firstly make o'clock times? When you are confident with this try half past, quarter past and then go in intervals of 5 mins. How quickly can you show a given time on your clock? Could you use your to work out what the time would be in half an hour? What would it be in a hour? Can you identify the minute and hour hand? Use the clock template below to build your clock or make you own using a paper plate.



English Challenge


Follow the link above to watch the story Handa's Hen. Can you write a letter to Handa? Think carefully about the questions you would like to ask Handa. Maybe you could tell her some of things you have been doing? I wonder how different this is to what she is doing in Africa? How is Mondi and her chick? How are the other animals we meet in the story? What things would you like to find out about Handa's Home? You could magpie inspiration for your letter from my letter below.  

Phonics Challenge


Look through the sound mats and choose 6-8 digraphs that your child finding tricky. Using cups or a pot that you can hide a penny under and label the cups with one of the digraphs each. To lift the pot your child must tell you the digraph on the cup. Can they find the penny? Each time choose new digraphs to go onto the cups for your children to read. You could exted this - can they put the digraph into a word? Could they write the digraphs out? Could each pot be labelled with a word for them to read? Maybe it could be some of the commn exceptions words?

Make something Monday


Can you find some ingredients to make a healthy snack for you and your family? This could be sweet or savoury! You may want to do lots of chopping and make a fruit salad, or maybe you'd like to back and make some oat flapjacks? See what you can rustle up with the ingredients you already have at home! I made banana, oat and raspberry muffins- here's the recipe I used.

Topic Tuesday


Today I would like you to make a fact file. Choose something that you are interested in, research using a computer or books and create a fact file with pictures and different facts. Maybe you’re interested to learn about another country or species or would like to share all your knowledge about your favourite toy/movie! I’m leaving this open so you can choose to explore something that you find interesting. You could use the fact file template below or make your own.

Wonderful world Wednesday 


 Make your own compost. Using soil from the garden, biodegradable objects and an empty bottle you can create your own compost. Could you keep a diary to record the changes of what’s happening over time? This soil would then be perfect if you had some seeds to do planting as it would be nutrient rich! Follow the link below to see how to make your compost bottle.


Therapeutic Thursday 


Find some time for calm and mindfulness. Complete the zen den yoga session by following the cosmic kids video. Thinking about how you feel and exploring your senses, think about positive thoughts to keep away the I can't monster!


Fitness Friday 


Use the picture below to spell out your name and complete the exercises. Once you've completed yours why not get your family involved and complete theirs too?