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Week 12 beginning 15.06


This weeks English  task is to write a poem about the rainforest using your knowledge of the five senses and noun phrases.

A noun phrase is writing tool used to add description. It consists of an adjective (describing word) followed by a noun (person, place or thing).

The example below also uses alliteration. This is where the two words begin with the same letter.



Deep in the middle of the jungle, is Keith’s refreshment shack. Here is his price list. Can you solve these questions below?

Challenge 1

  1. How much would it cost to buy a mango and a banana?
  2. How much would it cost to buy coffee and tea?
  3. What would the price be for honey and sugar?
  4. To make a fruit salad, you need a banana, a pineapple and a mango. How much money would you need?
  5. If you bought a banana with a £1 coin, how much change would you get?
  6. Kasper the koala bought one of everything on his list. How much would that have cost him?

Challenge 2

  1. Kim the kangaroo bought 2 mangoes and 2 lots of coffee. How much was this altogether?
  2. If Kasper bought 10 lots of sugar. How much would this cost in total? Which notes and coins would he use to pay for this?
  3. Terry the Toucan wanted to buy two jars of honey but only had a £5 note. How much more money would he need
  4. How much change from a £10 note would you get if you bought 2 pineapples and a jar of honey?

Challenge 3

  1. How much would it cost to buy 5 bananas and some sugar? How much change would you get if you paid with a £20 note?
  2. Pineapples are on an offer of buy one get another half price. Sally the snake bought 6 pineapples. How much did she spend?
  3. George the Gorilla bought 4 boxes of tea. He used a £10 note and received 50p change. How many mangoes did he buy?


Make it Monday


Today in the US it is ‘Smile Power Day’. Whilst it isn’t traditionally celebrated in the UK, we feel that everybody needs to remember at the moment to keep smiling, so this is the theme of the day!


For your task today, can you make a variety of different smiley emojis using any resources you like? Some ideas may include balloons, collage, paint, sewing – anything you like!


Topic Tuesday


What plants need to grow.

This week, we would like you to research and record what plants need to grow! Why do they need each of these things?



What do you think will happen if one of these things are taken away?

Try this experiment at home (cress seeds are a great option to use – place them in cups with cotton wool or soil).



Extension – If you wanted to go further you could see what would happen to a plant with NO soil and NO water (in a dark cupboard).


  • What happened?
  • Why did this happen?
  • Which plant grew the most? Why?
  • Which plant grew the least? Why?


Wonderful World Wednesday



‘Trade’ is very important for the world. If you do not know what trade means, finding the definition would be a great place to start for this week’s task. (see useful link below)


Can you put these items in the correct location where they come from?

To complete this activity, you need to make two decisions…

  • Firstly, decide what you will use for your world – this could be a globe, an atlas, a wall map (flat or on the wall) or for the more ambitious a world map made out of masking tape on the floor or on the table.
  • Secondly, choose how to represent the fair trade products – you could draw them, use real fruit, mould them out of plasticine or even make them out of marzipan then eat them afterwards!



1. What do you notice about where the countries are?

2. Are there some countries which seem to produce more than others?

3. Why do you think the UK have to get some of these products from other countries?

4. What products do you think the UK could produce to sell to other countries?


Therapeutic Thursday


On Sunday, Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated across the UK.

Your challenge today is to make a card or write a letter to a very important person in your life – it could be your father, or it could anybody else who is very special to you.



Fitness Friday


Today is International Yoga day!

So for your challenge today we would like you to get active, but to also relax your bodies!

Have a go at one or all of these activities!