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Week 13 - 22nd June

Maths Challenge


This week we are revising 3D shapes. We would like you to go on a 3D shape hunt around your house. You can use the sheet below or create your own shape hunt sheet. Draw or write what you find. Challenge yourself to identify how many faces, vertices and edges the shapes have (a face is a 2D shape that makes up one surface of a 3D shape, an edge is where two faces meet and a vertex is the point or corner of a shape).


If you have forgotten any of the 3D shapes, then have a look at the video on BBC Bitesize about 3D shapes by clicking this link 


There are also lots of games online to help you learn about 3D shapes, I have put the links to these below. 


English challenge-


Lots of you have been telling us that you are missing your friends so we thought for your English challenge this week it would be lovely if you could write a letter to a friend. If you then send us a picture of your letter, we will send it to your friend for them to see and hopefully reply back to. 


Don't forget to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Challenge yourself to use exciting adjectives, interesting sentence starters and a variety of conjuctions. 


Phonics challenge-


Using the phonemes on the sound mats below, write a selection of words containing the digraphs for your child's level. Your child then needs to read the word and draw what it says (like the example below). To challenge your child further write a sentence for them to draw. This sentence could also contain common exception words to make it even harder!


Your child could then have a go at writing some words for you to draw. 

Make something Monday


This week for make something Monday, we would like you to create your own marble run. Collect a selection of junk materials like cereal boxes, tubes, cardboard and tubs. Then see if you can join them together to create a course that a marble can go though. If you haven't got any marbles then you can use a small ball or roll a piece of paper into a ball shape to test if your run works. Think about how you will attach the materials together. It may be a good idea to plan how you want to build it before you start,  just like we would in Design and Technology lessons at school. 


There are some ideas on the link below and a video showing the marble run I created. 

Topic Tuesday



Today I would like you to have a look at some food in your house and find out what country it has come from. Can you then look at a map and see if you can find that country? What continent is the country in? Can you predict if the food comes from a hot or a cold country? You could also use Google Maps to find the countries.

Wonderful World Wednesday 


Today for Wonderful World Wednesday, we would like you to regrow a vegetable. Lots of scraps of vegetables are thrown away but did you know that some of them can regrow. 


What you need 


Scraps of vegetables i.e. lettuce, spring onions, carrots, parsnip, beetroot. 

A jam jar or clear pot




What to do



Cut the vegetable until you have approximately 2 to 3cm left.

Put approximately 1cm of water in the jar.

Place the vegetable in the water. 

Watch it grow.

Once it has sprouted, plant it in some soil.


You could make observations as your plant grows and note the daily changes of your plant. 

Therapeutic Thursday


Think about what makes you feel happy. Make a collage or drawing of all the things that make you feel happy. Then, if you are ever feeling sad you can look back at it and it will remind you of happier things.


You could draw the things, cut pictures out, stick photographs or a mixture of all three.  

Fitness Friday


This week, for Fitness Friday, we would like you to have a go at doing some Yoga but the challenge is that you have to try and form the letters of the alphabet. Can you use your body to form each of the letters? Challenge yourself to make both the capital and lowercase of each letter. If you get stuck with a letter, can someone else in your house help you to create it? 


The picture below gives you some ideas of how you could do the letters but see if you can think of different ways too!