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Week 13 beginning 29.06

Weekly English task-

We have learnt a lot about rainforests and explored what they look like. This week, we would like you to take the time to research a rainforest of your choice. Research about this rainforest and present your findings in the style of a script for news reader.

If you are feeling brave, film yourself presenting your research to your teacher.





Weekly Maths task- 

 This week, we are focussing on questions involving time and have set 3 different tasks.


Task 1 involves telling the time on an analogue clock:



Task 2: Can you write your daily routine with times next to them?

When you have finished, write a few statements about how long different activities take.



Task 3: Answer these questions involving time.

1.   Assembly starts at 9.00. It lasts for 5 minutes. What time does assembly finish?

2.The bus left at 8 o’ clock. It got to school 15 minutes later. What time did the bus get to school?

3. The coach left for swimming baths at 10.00. It took 30 minutes to get there. What time did the coach arrive at the swimming baths?

4.  Jane leaves home at quarter past 10. It takes her half an hour to the seaside. What time does Jane get to the seaside?

5.  Tom left home at 1.30. It takes him one hour and a half to get to school. What time did he arrive at school?

6.   A TV show started at 8.05. It lasted for 25 minutes. What time did the TV show finish?

7. Jim puts a cake in the oven at 9:25. He lets it bake for 40 minutes. What time is the cake ready for?

8. Jane wakes up at 7.30. It takes her 50 minutes to get ready. What time is she ready for?                

9. Tom goes in the swimming pool at 10.15. He gets out of the pool 70 minutes later. What time does he get out of the pool?

10.  The train to Coventry leaves at 5.00. It takes 80 minutes to get to Coventry. What time does the train get to Coventry?

Make something Monday- 

This week we would like you to make your own puzzle!

On a piece of scrap cardboard (e.g. an old cereal box), can you draw a jungle or rainforest scene and then cut this into as many pieces as you like and challenge a family member to complete your puzzle.



Topic Tuesday - Pollination

Pollination is the process of transferring pollen from the male part of the plant, the anther, to the female part of the plant, the stigma, to fertilize the plant and make wonderful baby plants, called seedlings.

This week we would like you to learn about this process. Watch the video below;


Can you draw a diagram of how pollination works?


Extension – Can you write a description including this key vocabulary –

pollination, nectar, reproduction, stamen, stigma, fertilisation, reproduction, ovule, ovary


Wonderful world Wednesday - Tsunamis

Today’s challenge is to understand ‘tsunamis’. These natural disasters have devastated many cities and lives over the years.

To develop an understanding, watch this video.


Now, try this experiment. What happens?



Extension –

research about a famous Tsunami which has occurred in the world. What were the consequences of this?


Therapeutic Thursday- 

This week’s challenge is to make a ‘worry doll’.



These dolls were originally created generations ago by indigenous people in Guatemala. The idea was that, when someone had a problem that would keep them up at night, they would tell their worries to one of these dolls.

Then they would put the dolls under their pillow, and the dolls would "worry" for them during the night, and they could sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

To make these dolls, collect some sticks and any other natural resources you can find!

Now –try it out! Do you have any worries?


Fitness Friday- 

This week, try out some of these super fun games which you can easily do at home!

Games at home


Reaction game

Place a small object (spoon) in the middle of two markers (cushions) that are an even distance apart. Parent / guardian calls out commands for children to touch a body part. Multiple body parts are said before the command SPOON. When spoon is shouted both people playing the game will try and grab the spoon. Fastest wins.


Balance game

Use anything large or small and experiment balancing it on any part of your body. Using harder and more obscure objects to balance on yourself. Easy? Try and balance multiple objects on someone else. Human Buckaroo!


Trivia game

Using posted notes write a sports person on it and stick it somewhere that the other person won’t see. You must now act out what sport that person does as well as other clues but you are not allowed to talk!



Using three soft similar size objects. Start with two and practice until you can introduce a third. Challenge: Use another person and juggle as a pair.