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Week 15 beginning 13.07

English task

For this week’s English task, write an acrostic poem on the topic of summer like the ones below.


Maths task

As a warm up or activity to spare time, have a go at completing the number challenge from Countdown. You’re aim is to get as close to you can to the target number using the given numbers.


Here are a few examples you could use:


See if you can make your own countdown number games yourself. This website has an app to build it for you.

Challenge: See how close you can get to the target number using the countdown clock timer.


Once you have completed a few of these, practise your column subtraction skills.

Challenge 1


Challenge 2


Challenge 3


Make something Monday

With summer now in its peak, your challenge this week is to get creative with fruit – can you design the most creative fruit salad? (you can then enjoy eating it after!)

See ideas below;



Topic Tuesday

Over the next couple of weeks, tasks will be ‘summer-themed’ where possible!

For your topic Tuesday this week we would like you to arrange a virtual (socially-distanced!) summer garden party! Use your imagination to create an invitation to your guests detailing;


-      What activities/games there will be.

-      What they should wear (weather-dependent)

-      Anything they could bring

-      What food there will be (think summery food!)

-      What music you will play (think sunny, happy songs)


Wonderful World Wednesday

The sun is one of the most amazing parts of our solar system.

This week for your Wednesday task, we would like you to investigate how shadows can help you tell the time of day.

Watch this video clip to begin;

Not it’s your turn to investigate this!

Use yourselves or an object – place it in the same place. At different points in the day, draw around the shadow. What do you notice? Why? What does this tell you?


Therapeutic Thursday

This week, answer the scenarios below and give reasons – these should get you thinking!

  1. Would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?

  2. Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

  3. Would you rather be incredibly funny or incredibly smart?

  4. Would you rather be able to walk on all fours or walk sideways like a crab?

  5. Would you rather be able to run as fast as a cheetah or hold your breath as long as a whale?

  6. Would you rather live in a house shaped like a circle or a house shaped like a triangle?

  7. Would you rather be able to control fire or water?

  8. Would you rather be 1cm tall or 10m tall?

  9. Would you rather have an elephant-sized cat or a cat-sized elephant?

  10. Would you rather have super strength or super speed?


Fitness Friday

Give yourself 1 minute to complete each of these activities – send over your results and we can have a class competition!


How many hand ‘keepie uppies’ can you do?


Scrunch up some paper or use a soft ball. Use your hand to keep the item up in the air.

Rubbish bin Basketball- Who can shoot the scrunched up paper into the bin?


You have one minute! How many goals can you score?

How many claps can you do when you throw the ball up in the air?


Keep trying for one minute – your highest amount of claps with one throw should be submitted!

Hop, skip, Jump- How far can you jump?


If you don’t have enough space just do a standing long jump. Stand in one place and see how far you can jump. Submit your longest jump.

Egg and Spoon- How many lengths of the garden/room can you do in a minute? If you drop it pick it up and carry on.


Boil the egg- If an egg is too precious to use at this time choose something else.

How man sit ups can you do in a minute?

Water race.


Fill a bowl with water, fill a cup and race to the other bowl/sink. Run back. How many cups of water can you put in the bowl/sink in a minute.

Speed bounce- how many jumps can you do in a minute over an object?

Three Legged Race


Choose a partner. Time how long it takes you to get from one side of the garden/room and back.


If there is enough of you and space, have a three legged race at the same time.


Finally, have a go at the ‘Name’ challenge below!