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Week 16 - 13th July

Maths challenge -


This week for maths we would like you to work with a partner to play a number guessing game. One of you writes down a number between 1 and 100 and hides it from the other person. That person then has to guess what number the person has written by asking questions. The questions can only be answered with a yes or a no. 


Here are some example questions that you could ask.


Is it an even number? Is it an odd number?


Does the number have units? Does the number have ... tens?


Is the number greater than ....? Is the number less than...?


You could challenge yourself by writing a three digit number. You could give your partner a clue by drawing the tens (chips) and units (peas) if they are finding it tricky. 


Take it in turns!


English challenge -


Look at the picture below, can you write as much as you can about the picture?

Remember everything you have learnt this year like: 


Capital letters

Full stops



Sentence openers


Interesting vocabulary


See if you can finish the school year with a super piece of writing!



Phonics challenge -


This week for phonics, we want you to write some silly questions. Choose a phoneme or common exception word and then write a question using a word that contains that phoneme or common exception word. Challenge someone in your house to answer your question. Can they also write you a question for you to answer?



Make something Monday -


This week we would like you to make your own scrap book. Follow the instructions below to make it and then you can use it to draw and make in. 


What you need


Paper - any type of paper that you have (sugar paper, plain paper, scrap paper, grease proof paper)


Elastic band



What to do


With an adult helping, cut the pieces of paper so they are the same size. 


Cut the cardboard so that it is slightly bigger than the pieces of paper.


Place the pieces of paper on top of the cardboard. 


Fold all of the paper and the cardboard in half. 


Put the elastic band around the paper and cardboard so it is in the fold. 


Decorate the front of your scrap book.


Use your scrap book!


Topic Tuesday - 


For Topic Tuesday this week, we thought it would be good to learn something new. Sign language is used by deaf people to communicate. We would like you to learn some sign language. The video and picture below show how to sign the alphabet. Can you learn to sign the alphabet? Can you now sign your name in sign language?

Wonderful World Wednesday-


It's science experiment time again today! This week we would like you to investigate bubbles. 


Cosmic, Gem and Aunt Stella think you can change the bubbles size, shape and colour. Do you agree? 


I want you to investigate and see who is right.


What you will need


Bubble mixture (You can make your own bubble mixture using washing up liquid and water)

Straw, bubble wand, pipe cleaners

Food colouring (if you want to try and make different colour bubbles)


What to do


Try blowing bubbles using different things and things that are different shapes, does it change the shape of the bubble? 


Try blowing the bubbles in different ways, does it change the size of the bubble?


Try mixing a bit of food colouring with the bubble mixture, does it change the colour of the bubble? 


You could make predictions before you do the experiment about who you think is right. Don't forget to tell your teacher about the results of your investigation. 

Therapeutic Thursday-


As the school year comes to an end, we thought for Therapeutic Thursday it would be good to reflect and think about the past year. It may be good to consider these questions:


What have you enjoyed? 

What have you found tricky?

What would you like to get better at?

What are you looking forward to in September?

Is there anything that you are worried about?


It might help to sit and listen to some calming music as you think and reflect. I have put some music below.

Fitness Friday- 


This weeks challenge is to design your own PE lesson. If you then send this to your teacher, they will share it on Class Dojo so that your friends can try it. 


First you will need to think about the warm up. Remember we warm up to get our body ready for exercise and to prevent injuries. 


Then you will need to consider what skill you will practise or what activity you would like to do. It could be a throwing or kicking skill. It could be a running, jumping or skipping activity. Think about the different things we have learnt in PE to give you an idea. 


Lastly, you need to think about a cool down to relax your body after the exercise. 


Once you have designed your lesson, you will need to try it. I look forward to having a go at your PE lessons.