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Week 2 - 30th March

Week 2 - 30th March


Music Monday - Can you use any recycling you have at home to make a musical instrument? Maybe a cereal box guitar or a toilet roll shaker...

Tuesday Timetables: Can you make a count by 2/5/10 hopscotch? You could use chalk, paint the number onto a stone or use paper if its not too windy!

Wonderful World Wednesday: Could you write a letter to a relative? Maybe you could explain all the things you have been doing at home. This could be written by hand or on a computer. Don't forget that your teachers would love to receive emails about your activities too!

Therapeutic Thursday: Have some relaxing mindfulness time and do some yoga with your family. Find Cosmic Kids on Youtube and chose a yoga adventure.

Fabulous Friday: Can you recreate a famous piece of artwork? This half term, we studied Andy Warhol's 'Soup Can' pop art. You could look further into Andy Warhol or choose a different artist. 

Maths challenge! Draw the below grid and choose a number to write in the middle. Year 1s- focus on numbers up to 20. Year 2s- numbers up to 100 but can also extend to 3-digit numbers. Challenge: write a multiplication in the middle to solve first!