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Week 4 - 13th April

Can you take on the challenge? 


Each week, we will set 5 challenges, linking to a daily theme. They may need you to make something, find out facts and answers or discuss lots of different topics. We hope you have fun exploring, investigating and trying something new.

Week beginning 13th April

Easter Monday - Christians celebrate Easter to remember Jesus and how good came out of a bad situation. Maybe you could learn about the Easter story. What do you celebrate?


Top Trumps Tuesday - Take a look at some Top Trump cards and choose one each. One person chooses a subject to read out. Whoever's number is the highest wins both cards!
You could always have a go at making your own top trumps cards with different animals, characters, cars or anything that interests you!


Wild Wednesday - Have a go at making a natural bird feeder. If you have no bird seed try crumbled bread, cereal or cheese instead!


Therapeutic Thursday - Put all those old toilet roll tubes to good use and try using them for arts and crafts!


Friday figures - One is a snail with one 'foot'. Four is a dog. Ten is a crab.
Listen to this story: 
Choose a number. What animals could you use to make that number?