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Week 5 - 20th April

Week 5 - 20th April

Monday Maths: Take out a pencil and a piece of paper on your daily walk. Can you spot any 3D shapes in the natural enviroment? Maybe you'll spot a tree trunk that is a cylinder or a house in the shape of a cuboid.


Tuesday performance! Can you learn one of the songs from Out of the Arc? Maybe you can add your own actions and perform your song to your family Or maybe everyone is performing together!


Writing Wednesday: Can you complete one of the writing challenges? Look carefully at your grammar, punctuation and use of adjectives. There are four writing challenges to choose from in the images below. 


Thoughtful Thursday: Can you make a jar full of all the things you would like to do once things are back to normal? Can you write 10 different things? It may be to visit a family member or friend, a trip to the park or the farm or a lunch out at your favourite restaurant. 


Friday Phonics: Play an interactive phonics game n Phonics play website- this can be played on a computer or tablet device. Work through some phase 3/4/5 games and see if you can beat your score.

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