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Week 6- 27th April

Maths challenge-

This week's maths is all about missing numbers! Begin this challenge by counting up in 1s. Think of a number, count on 10 more numbers. repeat. Now have a go at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Create number lines counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Shut your eyes while some numbers are covered. What numbers are missing? Choose a challenge below to complete by filling in the missing numbers.



English challenge-

Look at the picture below. Think about the questions below and write answers to each question writing in full sentences. Remember capital letters and full stops, finger spaces, sounding out words and extending your ideas using joining words like and, but, because, if, that and so. You could even include adjectives in your writing too!


  • What is the robot doing?
  • Is it looking at the moth?
  • Why is the light bulb on his head lit up? Has he had an idea?
  • Is the shape of the wire inside the light bulb important?
  • Does this robot have any friends or family?
  • Can he feel emotions? If so, how do you know? Which ones?
  • How do you feel towards the robot? Why?
  • Why is this image called ‘Patience’?
  • Talk/write about a time when you had to be patient. How did it feel? Was it worth it? Is being patient a good thing?



Phonics challenge-

This week we would like you to play a game of snakes and ladders. Choose from the digraphs on the phase 3 and phase 5 sound mats to make a board of atleast 16 squares. Use anything around the house to make some ladders and some snakes (I used twigs) and take turns to roll the dice. Land on the square and say the sound. If you land on a ladder, climb up but if you land on a snake, fall back down! First to the end square finishes. Happy playing.

If you are unsure how to say a sound, go to youtube and type in the sound e.g. air sound. Geraldine the giraffe will help you out! 

For year 2s or anyone who knows all of the sounds, you can still play the harder version of the game but you can also play some phase 6 games on the following websites.


snakes and ladders


Science challenge-

For your daily exercise, go for a family walk where there are trees. This could be a park, fields or just down your road. Use the tree identification poster below to identify the type of tree you find! Make a list of all of the trees you spot and when you get home, sort them into deciduous and evergreen trees (you may have to research these words on Google or using a dictionary first).


Make something Monday-

This week to be creative, use any toilet rolls or kitchen rolls to make some character puppets! You could make yourself, your favourite book/tv character or your own imaginary character. Use string to turn your model into a puppet. Once you have made your puppet, use your puppet and your family's puppets if they have made one too to create and retell a story. 


Topic Tuesday-

This week, watch the news update to find out some amazing new discoveries around the world. Discuss each topic as a family and research any questions you might have. Woddpeckers and Puffins, kingfishers were set a task a couple of weeks ago to research the world's longest animal. Well, we found out it was a lion's mane jellyfish. However a new animal has been discovered and it could now be the world's longest! Find out this and much more by watching the video linked here. The weekly news is updated every Thursday so tune in next week for another reach out reporter video!



Wonderful World Wednesday-

As 22nd April was Earth Day, let's help protect and look after our planet. Complete one of the following activities below to do your part!

  • As part of your daily exercise, in your local area or park, go and complete a litter pick. 
  • Make signs for your house to remind you how to look after the planet: turn off light switches, turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth, unplug chargers when you are finished with them etc.
  • Make a bird feeder.
  • Make a home for an animal in your garden such as a hedgehog, frog or bugs.
  • Make something out of recycled material. This could be a picture, wind chime, dream catcher etc.
  • Plant some seeds or flowers. You could make the pot they are planted in too to help reduce plastic waste.


Therapeutic Thursday-

Lay down somewhere comfortable. Relax your whole body, take slow, deep breaths and listen to an audible story. Just switch off your mind from any worries and focus just on the story. If your mind wanders, think back to the story. It's the only thing you need to be thinking about right now. Try to imagine what the story looks like in your head; what the characters look like, where the characters are.


Fitness Friday-

Under arm throwing!


Today’s fitness Friday is all about under arm throwing and accuracy! Try and knock the toilet rolls down.