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Week 7 - 4th May

Make something Monday - wind chimes
Create a wind chime or mobile to hang outside. Use natural objects like sticks, creative materials like beads or recycled objects like tin cans.


Topic Tuesday - VE day
This week marks VE day - when fighting stopped in Europe during World War 2. 
How did people celebrate?
What special colours did they wear?
Who told everyone about the end of the war?


Wonderful World Wednesday
Why not earn a Blue Peter Badge? For a green badge you need to think about the environment. You could write  a letter to explain something you've done to help the environment, or a poem or story that has been inspired with a green twist. Perhaps you wish to create artwork or a model or idea for helping our planet, animals or nature. 
For details on Blue Peter badges and how you can apply have a look here:
You need to be 6 or older to apply so if you're still 5 then keep it safe for a few months before you send it in.


Therapeautic Thursday - squiggle drawing
Take a look at this video online and why not have a go?


Fitness Friday- assault course
With an adult have a go at making a safe assault course. This could include going under sheets, aiming balls into a hoop or balancing something on your head! We'd love to see your photos! Remember-stay safe!




Maths - Place value
Place value is about how much each number is worth. So in the number 45 there are 4 tens and 5 ones. In the number 618 there are 6 hundreds, 1 ten and 8 ones. Sometimes we call these ones 'units'.
Bitesize explanation:
Song -
Game -
Find 2 dice -  have one as a tens and one as units. Roll the dice what numbers can you make in one minute? Why not try rolling 3 dice for hundreds numbers!


English - newspaper reports
Newspapers are very good at making exciting stories even when something seems quite boring. Make up an exciting newspaper report about something that has happened in your home. Maybe someone found a spider? Maybe someone lost a shoe?
Paragraph 1 - What happened?
Paragraph 2 - Give extra details - description/ time/ place
Paragraph 3 - Interview a witness!
Paragraph 4 - What is going to happen now? How does everyone feel?
Take a look at my exciting report!


Phonics - Make your own wordsearch!

Choose a grapheme and think of 10 words to write down. 

Now on squared paper write down those words in any direction you choose.

Fill in the missing squares with different letters.

Can someone find your words?