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Week 7 beginning 04.05

WB 04/05/20


Make something Monday- 

This week is time for you to appreciate nature and natural resources around.

Either in your garden or during your daily walk, collect a variety of natural resources such as stones, flowers, leaves, pine cones etc. When you return home, think of a piece of artwork you can create with them! Here are some ideas below!


Topic Tuesday -

Our topic for summer 1 is…Space.

Can you find out some facts about ‘Space Missions’?

Questions you may want to consider;

-What was the first creature sent into space?

-Who was the first astronaut?

-Who was the first man on the moon?


Want an extra challenge? Produce a timeline of ‘Space travel’ including some of the key events over the years.



Wonderful World Wednesday-

Following on from last week’s world map challenge, this week can you draw a map of the United Kingdom? Label 10 cities of your choice.

Want an extra challenge? Can you label any rivers, mountains or other geographical information?




Therapeutic Thursday- 

In the USA this week they are celebrating ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’. There is no reason why we can’t too!

For Therapeutic Thursday this week can you produce a card, letter, poster, drawing or anything else you wish to send to your favourite teacher or teaching assistant to show appreciation for their continued hard work during this time?



Fitness Friday-  Can you make your own fitness video or plan for a friend or parent to follow? Share this with your teachers and perhaps they will even take part!


Take a look at these for inspiration;

Joe Wicks


Just dance




Weekly English task-

08.05.20 marks 75 years since the end of World War II. This is widely known and celebrated as ‘VE Day’ (Victory in Europe Day).

For your English challenge this week, imagine you have been fighting in WWII and have just received the news that the war has ended! Write a diary entry including;

-Your feelings

-What you can’t wait to do when you get home

-Your most memorable moments during the war.






Weekly Maths task- 

Fractions, decimals and percentages!

Choose a fraction of your choice from;     1/2     1/4     1/10

How many different ways can you represent this fraction? Ideas include;

-Drawing it.

-Finding fraction, decimal or percentage equivalents e.g. 1/2   =   2/4   = 0.5 = 50%

-Find fractions of numbers e.g. 1/2  of 10 = 5

-Find different ways to represent your fraction around the house.


Want a harder challenge? Try one of these!     3/4     2/5     7/10