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Week 8 - 11th May

Make something Monday-

Create your own leaf rubbing picture, collect leaves while you’re out of your walk then flip the leaf upside down under your paper and rub using bright colours. Can you identify the plant that the leaf came from?

Topic Tuesday-

 Did you know that last week there was a super moon? A super moon is when there is a full moon but also its a time when the moon is closer to the earth than normal so it is very visible. Could you make a Fact Poster about the moon? Maybe you could find some pictures online of the super moon? Watch this video clip to learn some facts:

Wonderful World Wednesday-

Can you go on a mini beast hunt while on your daily exercise. Hunt under leaves, logs, sticks and stones and see what creatures you can find. Which creature did you spot the most? What habitat was it living in? Fill in the sheet below as you go and report back on the things you found- remember to leave the mini beast in its safe place!

Therapeutic Thursday-

 Make a kindness flower. Write on each petal what you like about a family member or a friend, send them a photo to make them smile! Challenge yourself to write a sentence on each petal with an adjective. For example: She is hilariously funny. He is brilliant at football and helps me when we play.

Fitness Friday-

Create your own dribbling challenge! Maybe space out your teddies and you need to control the ball using your feet in and out of your toys. Remember to use the side of your foot and keeping the ball under control at all times! To make this trickier have the toys close together so it’s is a small space you have to weave through, maybe you could even use a smaller ball? To make this simpler create a large gap between each toys so you can practice your dribbling. I had a go watch my video below.