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Week 9- 18th May

Maths Challenge

This week we are thinking about money. We would like you to use items that you have at home to make a shop and then use money to pay for the items in your shop. Don't forget you will need to label the items with prices. To make it simple you could label it with prices that only need one coin to buy (for example 10p, 5p, £1). To make it trickier you can label the items with prices where you will need to add coins together (for example 15p, 22p, 51p). If you are the shop keeper, you will need to check that the customer has given you the right amount and if they haven't remember to give them some change. You could even write out a receipt and add the prices of several items together. 


English Challenge

This week, we would like you to use your imagination to design a new character for a story book. You can draw the character first and then describe it. Think about these questions to help you:

What does your character look like?

What is your character called?

What does your character like and dislike?

How does you character feel?

Is it a good or bad character?

Who is your character friends with?


Remember to write in full sentences using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. See if you can use adjectives and conjunctions to make your sentences longer and more interesting. 



Phonics Challenge

Year 1- Make a bingo board by dividing a piece of paper into 8 squares. Choose 8 different phonemes (sounds) and then write one in each square. Ask an adult or sibling to call out different phonemes, if you have written it down then you can cross it off. Keep going until you have crossed them all off. You could also play against someone else and see who wins. You could also make a tricky or common exception word bingo board. 


Year 2- We would also like you to create a bingo board but instead of writing phonemes, you can write year 2 common exception words. 



Make something Monday

Can you draw or make a self portrait? A self portrait is a picture of you. It might help to look carefully at yourself in a mirror to make sure you don't miss any details. You can use whatever materials you like pens, paint, collage, chalk or anything else that you can think of!



Topic Tuesday


What is your favourite animal? This week for topic, we would like you to find out as much information about your favourite animal. It would be great if you could then make a poster, leaflet or video about it. 

Think about these questions when you are finding out about it:

Where does it live?

What does it eat?

What is its habitat like?

How big is it?

Is there anything unusual or particularly interesting about it? 



Wonderful World Wednesday

This week we would like you to carry out a science experiment. 

For this experiment, we want you to test some objects and predict (a sensible guess) whether they will float or sink in water.




Therapeutic Thursday

Can you draw or colour in a picture to send to a family member or friend or to put in your window for other people to see? It can be of anything you like and hopefully it will help to make you and someone else smile. 



Fitness Friday

Create your own dance routine! Put on some music and see if you can create your own dance routine. 

Think about creating a sequence of steps and repeating them. Remember to listen to the music and consider whether your movements should be slow or fast. 

Could you record yourself dancing to show us or how about drawing or writing down your sequence?