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Week 9 beginning 18.05

Make something Monday-     Read the description below, what do you think it is describing? Using your imagination and creativity, create a picture based on the description. You could use pencils, pens, paints, natural objects, try to make it 3D or mechanical. Be creative as possible!

Red hot lava poured out, furiously spitting everywhere over the rocky, abandoned landscape.  Dark, smelly ash filled the air making a thick, gloomy cloud in the sky as feathered winged creatures frantically tried to fly away from the scene and the choking ash. Its angry rumblings could be heard from miles away.’


Topic Tuesday- Two weeks ago you studied the planets and looked at the order of them from the closest to furthest away from the sun. Today, choose your favourite planet and do a piece of work based on your favourite planet. This could include:

A poem

A poster

A fact file

A picture

A rap/song


Want an extra challenge? Try to learn this solar system rap. You could even record yourself and send the video of your performance to your teacher.




Wonderful World Wednesday-  Two weeks ago you studied the United Kingdom and identified at least 10 cities on a map of the UK. Choose one of these cities and research this further. Your task is to produce a leaflet or poster of the city of your choice.

Information you might want to include in your leaflet/poster:

  • Name of place
  • Location
  • Population
  • Well known landmarks
  • Things to do
  • Transportation
  • Food which that area is known for

Remember to make it as colorful, eye catching and informative as possible!



Therapeutic Thursday-  Being kind doesn’t cost a thing. Everyone can be kind and by doing so can put smiles on so many people’s faces including your own!  Look at the list of ideas below or think of your own acts of kindness and plan 5 deeds of kindness which you will complete by the end of the day.

Acts of Kindness ideas

  1. Help someone with something
  2. Tell someone you love them and explain why
  3. Play a game with someone who is bored
  4. Give each person you live with two compliments
  5. Tidy up someone elses things for them
  6. Help prepare/cook a meal
  7. Wash up after a meal time
  8. Help out in the garden
  9. Set the table for dinner
  10. Write a thank you note to someone
  11. Cheer someone up who is sad
  12. Give a family member you miss a call
  13. Draw a picture for someone
  14. Make a drink for someone
  15. Tell someone a joke to make them laugh

Want an extra challenge? You could write a short diary entry at the end of your day about how the acts of kindness went, how you felt about doing them and how it affected other people.



Fitness Friday-  At school year 3/4 were taking part in a daily mile every day. Today, your task is to plan a 1 mile route either in your garden or local area where you can run, jog, walk, skip, jump etc. Try to plan the route and activities beforehand. If you can, try to encourage your whole household to do it with you.

Want an extra challenge? Research the benefits of keeping fit and doing exercise. Try to find 5 positives for your body and 5 positives for your mind. You could write these down in a list or present these in a PowerPoint presentation.



Weekly English task-

Imagine you work for NASA and have just discovered a new planet. Your boss wants you to make an announcement to the press stating all the information you know.

This information could include:

  • Name of planet
  • Size of planet
  • Location of planet
  • Colour of planet
  • Other features of appearance
  • Any inhabitants (people who live there)
  • Any other interesting facts


Once you have thought about all the information about your planet, your task is to then write a speech about the announcement of the new planet that you have found.

Want an extra challenge? You could then record yourself making the speech pretending you are a news presenter.




Weekly Maths task-  In maths this week, we are looking at geometry including shapes and coordinates.

Things to remember: When we look at a grid, it is made up of two axis- X axis and Y axis.

X axis- Horizontal line                    Y axis- Vertical line 



The coordinates below are made up of two different numbers such as (1,3). The first number (1) is referring to the x axis and the second number (3) is referring to the y axis.


To remember this, you could use the phrase ‘across the corridor and then up the stairs’.

Try to complete all three challenges below.