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Week 3 beginning 06.04




Write a story with the stimulus space. Use the pictures to help you. How many of the 10 objects can you include in your story?


Tuesday – Design and make your own board game. If you can try and make it Easter themed.

Things to think about:

Who the game is aimed at?

What are the rules of the game?

How can you win?


Wednesday – Write down your routine of your day, include the times and duration of events. Try to include AM/PM and 24clock. There is an example below:

07:30AM- Woke up- 07.40- Got out of bed.

07.40- Went downstairs and ate breakfast- 8.00- Finished eating breakfast.

08:00-Went back upstairs and got changed- 08:05- Brushed my teeth for two minutes.


Answer the following questions:

What activity did you do that took the shortest amount of time?

What activity did you do that took the longest amount of time?


Thursday- Bake an Easter treat with your family. Once you have done this, write the recipe for this.



Complete this science experiment all about dissolving. You can use any substances that you already have such as sugar, coffee or salt etc.