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Week 4 beginning 13.04

13.04.20 (OPTIONAL)



It’s Easter Monday!

Enjoy this time with your family J



If you have been lucky enough to receive any chocolate eggs over Easter, use this time to get creative and design an Easter Basket to keep your eggs safe. You could use an old empty cardboard box or anything else you have around the house – don’t forget to add decorations!


Wednesday –

All about Easter Poster!

Produce a poster with information and images relating to Easter – be creative!



Getting active (using maths!) – Create an obstacle course. Can you write instructions for how somebody would complete it?

Can you use language such as ‘forwards, backwards, right, left, clockwise, anticlockwise, quarter turn, half turn’ in your instructions for how to complete the obstacle course?



Share your favourite storybook with a brother/sister/parent. Discuss the book with them and ask each other questions.

Imagine the Author has asked you to design a new, more exciting book cover for this story.

-Design a new book cover.

-Explain your design.