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Week 5 beginning 20.04




Use the internet to research what it was like to live during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. Once you have an idea of what it was like, complete one/some of the tasks below.

Stone Age to Iron Age

  1. Film yourself as a Stone Age person and show what their daily lives would have looked like – hunting and gathering, making fires, painting on walls, farming etc.
  2. Make your own cave paintings. Crawl under a table, stick some paper onto the edges of the table and paint like you’re in a cave!
  3. Pretend to be a Bronze Age farmer and begin trading with people at home – what kind of items can you get for your own? Will you end up with something that is better than what you gave?
  4. Build an Iron Age roundhouse out of items from around the house (cardboard boxes, paper etc.). Research the features of roundhouses and label them.



Write a story with the stimulus space. Use the pictures to help you. How many of the 10 objects can you include in your story?



Keep a diary of the weather at different times of the day. Consider different factors such as temperature, rainfall, how cloudy it was, wind and so on. Once you have wrote enough down and feel confient. Write a transcript as if you were a weatherman and you were reporting the weather. Present the weather report to someone else.

This link may be helpful with this:


Watch a clip of a nature programme (e.g. David attenborough’s blue planet)

Put your own words with the video clip and present it to a family member. Alternatively, produce a fact file about the habitat and animals within the video clip.

Example videos:



Make your own small world. Set up an imaginative small world with min-figures and building blocks. Make your own buildings out of paper and card and use toys as figures or creatures. Where will your small world be? What theme will it have? Could it be linked to one of the activities that you have already done this week?