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Week 2 beginning 30.03

Find below a list of activities for each day of the week to complete. Don't be afraid to show us the work you have completed by sending it to us on class dojo. 

This is just a base of work that you can complete. Please try to fill in other periods of time using the other resources that are available on our home learning page.


Monday – Watch your favourite film and write a summary of it. Think about answering these questions when writing your summary:

How would you explain it to someone who hasn't watched it?

What is it about?

Who are the main characters (good and bad)?

What do they do?

Have the characters changed in any way?


Tuesday – Do a shadow drawing using toys or objects from around your house.

Afterwards, can you create a factfile about each object?


Wednesday – Go on a shape hunt around your house.

Keep a tally chart to help record your data as you go around your house.

Afterwards, present your data into a bar graph and/or a line graph. Can you write some statements about the data? (e.g. There are 4 more rectangular shapes than squares).


Thursday - Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain

  1. Create factfiles about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking gods and goddesses. How were they similar or different? Choose your favourite and create a presentation about them.
  2. Look to see if your local area was affected by Anglo-Saxons or Vikings. Most place names have their roots in Anglo-Saxon or Viking heritage Use the table on this website and a google maps to help you.
  3. Pretend to be a Viking and set up trade routes with other members of your family. Decide whether you will trade with them or not or whether you will try to raid them and take all of their stuff!
  4. Make a Viking longboat out of paper, card or craft materials. Research the features and label it. Test it in some water if it is strong enough.
  5. Act like an Anglo-Saxon monk – wear a dressing gown and stay as silent as you can for as long as you can. Research what they would do on a daily basis and try to follow it for as long as you can. Who can set the longest time for keeping silent?


Friday – Design/create your own superhero. Things to think about:

  • Their costume, powers and enemies

Can you create a comic strip about one of their adventures?