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Wonderful World Wednesday

Wonderful World Wednesday-


It's science experiment time again today! This week we would like you to investigate bubbles. 


Cosmic, Gem and Aunt Stella think you can change the bubbles size, shape and colour. Do you agree? 


I want you to investigate and see who is right.


What you will need


Bubble mixture (You can make your own bubble mixture using washing up liquid and water)

Straw, bubble wand, pipe cleaners

Food colouring (if you want to try and make different colour bubbles)


What to do


Try blowing bubbles using different things and things that are different shapes, does it change the shape of the bubble? 


Try blowing the bubbles in different ways, does it change the size of the bubble?


Try mixing a bit of food colouring with the bubble mixture, does it change the colour of the bubble? 


You could make predictions before you do the experiment about who you think is right. Don't forget to tell your teacher about the results of your investigation.