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Wonderful World Wednesday

Wonderful World Wednesday-



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Today for our wonderful world activity, help out nature in your garden by making a mini pond. This doesn't have to be fancy; an old tub that can hold rain water will do lovely. Don't worry if you can't get any aquatic plants. Put rocks and plants nearby to attract wildlife and make sure there is a way for animals to get out like hedgehogs. plants will grow in the water over time. If you aren't able to make a mini pond, you could visit a pond or nature area and make scientific observations there.

Here is a website that might help you with ideas:


Have fun creating a little space for nature and make sure you take a photo.

Throughout the next couple of weeks make sure the mini pond is topped up with water if it evaporates and record your observations in a little scientific journal. You can draw sketches, labels, record your observations of what you see and write any questions you would like to find out for research later on.