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Year 6

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Key information for Year 6 children.


  • Spellings are given out on a Tuesday and are tested the following Tuesday.
  • Outdoor P.E kit is needed on Fridays and swimming kit is needed on a Monday. Please ask if you are unsure of kit requirements.
  • Instruments for music are needed on a Tuesday.


About Year 6

Year 6 is an exciting year for the children as they prepare for high school and their end of year SATs tests. If you have any worries about your child or any questions about the year then please come and speak to Mr Pentreath, class teacher. Miss Simmons works every day as the class teaching assistant and is also happy to help out in any way. Mrs Gow also works hard within our class in the mornings with us in Year 6.


Summer 2019 in Year 6

This Summer term we will be looking at how we are part of many different communities, including: our class, our school, the neighbourhood we live in, the town of Ipswich and the wonderful country we live in!


We are looking forward to visiting London as part of our topic this term - we will be taking this trip on Wednesday 10th July through Friday 12th July. As part of this project we will be looking at:


- Famous explorers, including writing texts reflecting on Sir Francis Drake and his travels, whose ship 'The Golden Hind' we will be sleeping on!

- Why the rest of the world calculate their time against our own; what is so special about 'Greenwich Mean Time'?

- How the planet around us has evolved since the first traces of life 3.8 Billion years ago; this will culminate in our visit to the Science Museum in London

- Why democracy is so important - we will be visiting The Houses of Parliament and seeing if we can lend a hand with Brexit negotiations!


... and much more!


Want to know the full itinerary for our fun-filled educational trip? Just click on the file below to find out everything we'll be getting up to.


Scroll further down to see the plans for our Summer term, in preparation for our project, when we are still at school.



Itinerary for our project trip to London

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff 1 Miss Simmons
Meet the Staff 2 Mr Pentreath
Meet the Staff 3 Mrs Gow