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Continuous Provision in EYFS and KS1

From the very start of their Ranelagh journey, our children show us that play is our brain’s favourite way of learning, which is why it’s the centre of our EYFS and KS1 curriculum. We believe that continuous provision helps independent, inquisitive and motivated learners to flourish by meeting the language, social, emotional and physical needs of our children. 

Continuous provision at Ranelagh enables children from all backgrounds to have the same opportunities, providing a rich variety of practical experiences. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for extending and practicing what they have been learning and complete challenges which are designed to foster and ignite their curiosity. Children are taught to use life-long skills such as perseverance, problem solving and responsibility in their day to day routine and plan their own learning enquiries. The flexibility and ownership that children have of their learning means that opportunities can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of each individual child – no matter what their starting point.