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Language of the month

Language of the Month

Each month we celebrate and learn about a different language. We warmly welcome any involvement from parents and families and encourage them to take part, however big or small the contribution. Below is some further information about Language of the Month:




Here are the languages for this year. The idea of language of the month is to have fun celebrating a variety of languages and cultures particularly those of children in your class:



Chinese New Year

MarchEaster around the world
May Yoruba


For Each Language, here are some suggested ideas for celebrating language of the month:


  • Use Newbury Park site to learn key phrases in the language.

  • Invite children who speak the language to teach others. Invite children who speak the language to teach others.
  • Invite parents in to read a traditional story from their language.
  • Cook or bake food from the country associated with the language.
  • Find the countries where the language is spoken on the map.
  • Create flags and posters celebrating the language.
  • Add work done by the children to the central Language of the Month board.
  • Learn songs in a new language.
  • Look at what celebrations take place in the country of language of the month.