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Strategic Priority Plan

The Governing Body of Ranelagh Primary has produced a three-year strategic plan that sets out our priorities and describes the important milestones we need to achieve along the way. This includes our vision, strategic priorities and the values that underpin all we do. We’ll be regularly tracking progress to ensure continuous improvement.


Our strategic plan has been compiled with ideas from our children, parents and staff; it recognises the many existing strengths of the school and builds upon these. We are committed to meeting the needs of our pupils, helping them realise their potential and move with confidence into the next stage of their lives.


Our Strategic Priorities

1.  A curriculum that engages, excites and encourages a love of learning; ensuring all children have the provision they need to be successful.
2. A safe, nurturing environment that allows pupils and staff to develop and work in a supportive, collaborative environment.
3. Every child’s Ranelagh journey will provide a platform to build self-esteem, independence, confidence and the skills to succeed in life.
4. Robust leadership throughout the school; from senior to middle and subject leaders. Strong and effective governance - a reflective governing body that provides support and challenge to drive improvement.
5. Strong engagement between school, parents and the wider community - growing talent, heightening cost effectiveness and optimising educational outcomes for all.


We have identified key objectives against each of these strategic priorities. A separate document, the School Development Plan (SDP) produced by the Headteacher and staff, transfer these strategic priorities and key objectives into an annual plan with more detailed actions, measures and targets.




School Development Plan