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Maths Whole School Vision

Ranelagh Maths Vision


At Ranelagh our independent learners are curious and resilient with a love of maths. 

  • Pupils are inspired to extend and apply their knowledge and demonstrate an enthusiasm to reach a goal – To ultimately build lifelong skills to carry them through to adulthood and beyond life at Ranelagh.

  • Our learners are happy to be challenged.


At Ranelagh our adults are confident, creative and enthusiastic in the delivery of maths. 

  • All adults encourage by being supportive and confident and welcome the opportunity to extend and develop their own learning.  Our adults are pro-active problem solvers who will react to the needs of each independent learner and understand how to move learning on.

  • Our adults feel positive about maths.


At Ranelagh our maths learning environment is resource rich.

  • Pupils are encouraged to develop their own learning styles through use of manipulatives and representations. Our curriculum is based around real – life experiences and our pupils play an active role in their learning.  Our adults are creative in their approach and try to build on the pupils’ previous learning experiences, as well as extending and challenging mathematical knowledge.