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Road Safety

Our Junior Road Safety Officers 2021-2022

Plan of action:

We decided on our plan of action for this year:

  • Encourage everyone to walk to school or use their bikes/scooters safely
  • Review our school’s local parking issue
  • Focus on seatbelt awareness
  • Spread the road safety message to younger pupils and those now starting school

For ideas, we looked online and compiled a list of activities to help us:

  • Assemblies
  • Running competitions
  • Noticeboard/display
  • Putting up posters
  • Conducting surveys with children and parents
  • Contact the local road safety officer for feedback
  • Take part in School Council meetings
  • Go for an information-gathering walk around the school
  • Inviting different organisations to our assemblies
  • Giving talks
  • Sending some information to parents

Getting the message out:

Before launching the competition, we visited all classes in KS1 and KS2. We talked to the children about the danger of using phones on the road when people are not looking around and might easily cause an accident or be hurt.

Around the school:

We went on a walk around the school. We wanted to see what signs there are and if we have crossings and speed bumps. Some of the signs need to be cleaned, and others changed. Our next step is to write a letter to Suffolk County Council.

Survey for children / Survey for parents

We are concerned about parking outside the school and hoping that Paul’s Road will become a one-way street one day. We asked all classes to take a survey. We encouraged parents to complete their survey too.

Mrs Ling organised 2 prizes for parents…                 

We helped our Reception children to answer the questions.


We were very lucky last week. We had a visitor… Carolyne Ferguson led the assembly on Friday 29th April. She told us about Road Safety Heroes. The children were able to ask questions and wear some of the safety equipment. 

Our plans and projects for the summer term:

We are still very busy. We have plans and are working towards them.

Have a look at what else is on our agenda this year…


  • Walk to school week (16th - 20th May)
  • Clean Air Day Competition (Closing Date: Monday 23rd May 2022) 16th June
  • Bike safety
  • Brake Kids Walk with Shaun the Sheep 22nd June 2022
  • Road Safety in the Early Years

Walk to school week 15th – 19th November 2021

The theme of Road Safety Week 2021 was Road Safety Heroes Together with KIER we launched a competition:

We presented all the children who took part in the competition with some presents and certificates. We also have invited people that children named Road Safety Heroes to the stage and the whole school applaud them.

Road Safety Week banners

Prior to the Road Safety Week, we encouraged children to take part in creating a design for the Road Safety banner. 12 children took part in the competition.

Please see some of our work:

Road Safety Week banners

We are pleased to announce that our JRSOs have managed to achieve a gold award in 2020!