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Embracing French Language at Ranelagh Primary School


  • Curriculum Intent – French Language is taught at our school as part of MFL with the intention of children to develop an enjoyable and stimulating interest in learning other languages. We encourage children to be confident in their own abilities, as well as building their communication skills. We support children’s curiosity about language and the world around them, developing their awareness of, and respect for, cultural differences. This deepens the understanding of their own language. Our MFL curriculum, taught through Rigolo Programme, is designed to progressively develop a wide bank of vocabulary organised around different topics that support pupils with their skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of the language and enables them to apply their French learning in a variety of contexts and lay the foundations for future language learning. 

  • French Club – with active, enthusiastic pupils who enjoy French and diverse activities related to the language. The French Club takes place once a week and blends grammar and different topics vocabulary to develop a decent starting level of speaking. This is a fantastic opportunity for children who have a hobby for foreign languages and would like to improve their French skills. At Ranelagh we are dedicated to teaching French to children through fun, so we use games, songs and other exciting topics to bring the language to life and inspire out learners.

  •  Language of the Month – as part of our EAL department, the project is designed to celebrate a different language spoken in our school during the whole school assembly every month. We always celebrate French language because being in the curriculum, we all can speak it. We present a PPt with information about one country whose citizens speak French. We invite parents and community leaders to take part in the assembly where we share songs, poems, greetings, numbers etc in French.

  • French Day – is an event celebrated yearly in our school and it’s a great way to fire up children’s passion for language learning and their curiosity about the French language and culture. It also provides many exciting ways for children to learn together, cross-phase, as well as the opportunity to bring together the whole school community: children and adults in the school, parents and school’s governors.