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Each academic year at Ranelagh starts with a very important job...electing the school council! There is one representative from each class, apart from Year 6 where there are three as there is a chair, secretary and treasurer. Voting for our school council members creates a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to learn about democracy. 


Meetings take place weekly on a Monday with Miss Last. The meeting is run according to an agenda and the secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes. Also, weekly meetings enable issues to be discussed as they arise. 


The successful candidates must have the following attributes: reliability, fairness, honesty, enthusiasm approachable and must be committed in their role of improving our school. 

Example of School Council Agenda/Minutes

Ranelagh likes to get involved in raising money for good causes and one of our favourites is Children in Need! School council agreed that all children would make a donation to come to school on Friday 15th November dressed in either yellow or spots! As well as dressing up each class had their own 'Design a Pudsey' competition. This added some more excitement to the day and gave people a further opportunity to be creative. The winners were chosen by school council and and announced in assembly. 


Beach Lawn Residential Home wrote to Ranelagh to ask if our school would like to make a link with them. When school council heard they jumped at the chance! They started by writing letters telling the residents about themselves. What their favorites lessons were, what games they liked to play and what school was like for them. The residents were overjoyed to receive hand written letters from the children and all took the time to reply individually. 

Following on from this all school council went to visit the residents, playing games together and sharing stories about their lives and adventures. Come and take a look at our display opposite the school office to see some if the things we got up to! 


Tina (our school cook) asked to come and meet with school council to talk about their dining experience in the hall at lunchtimes. School council spoke with their fellow class members beforehand to ensure that they could share everyone's thoughts and ideas on how lunchtimes could be made even better! 

We discussed favourite meals, how we could work together to ensure that children are not wasteful with food and how we can promote good manners. 

In the Spring term we hope to have a fruit and vegetable tasting event where everyone is challenged to try something new! This will in turn help to promote healthy eating. 

Two pupils from our school wanted Ranelagh to take part in 'Go Bright for the Fight' to raise money for muscular dystrophy as well as increasing awareness of the condition. School council wrote to Mrs Ling and asked if this was something they could go ahead with. Of course the answer was yes! They set about thinking up ideas, creating a Power Point and designing posters. As more help was needed school council also wrote to the PTFA to ask if they would be happy to organise a bake sale for the end of the school day as we know people are always happy to buy cake smiley

Activities for the day included wearing orange, baking orange cakes, guessing how many segments were in a orange and lots of science, PE and PSHE lessons which focused on how it would feel to have a muscle wasting condition. 

School council held a special assembly to start the day to ensure that everyone had a good understanding of what it was we were raising money for.

The day was a huge success with a total of £500 being raising for Muscular Dystrophy Suffolk. Once again, proof that together we can achieve great things!