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Developing the Outdoor Area

Mrs Clarke wanted the school council to help with applying for some funding for outside learning.Lots of children agreed that having a shed in the woodland area would be a good idea and that the children could take responsibility for it.  They would also like more things to plant and look after and maybe have a vegetable patch.  An outside reading area was suggested for people to relax and have space to be calm.  Some of the comments the school council put forward in support of outdoor learning:


“Outside is more calm, prettier and relaxed, learning out there is so much better for you”

“You get to see so much more of nature and more animals outside, it’s much more interesting”

“Outside we are learning so much and we are getting more oxygen.”

“Growing our own vegetables in making us more independent”

“I think that it is important for us to spend more time outside, especially when we get to year 5 and 6.  We spend so much time in the classroom learning, maybe we could have 1 afternoon a week where we can go and explore and work in the woodland more”.


(other comments made have been video recorded)

Beach Lawn Residential Home

The home wrote to Ranelagh to ask if our school would like to make a link with them. When school council heard they jumped at the chance! They started by writing letters telling the residents about themselves. What their favorites lessons were, what games they liked to play and what school was like for them. The residents were overjoyed to receive hand written letters from the children and all took the time to reply individually. 


Following on from this all school council went to visit the residents, playing games together and sharing stories about their lives and adventures. Come and take a look at our display opposite the school office to see some if the things we got up to! 


Christmas Decoration Donated

We are so thankful for the generous donations of some local shops and businesses to enable a little bit of magic and sparkle to brighten up our school this Christmas.  Morrison’s, B and M and Broomvale Farm Shop kindly donated lights, decorations and an extra tree for us to decorate both the upstairs and downstairs halls so all children, regardless as to which bubble they were in were able to get into the festive spirit!

Members of the School Council wrote some special thank you letters to these companies to show our appreciation.

Ranelagh likes to get involved in raising money for good causes and one of our favourites is Children in Need! School council agreed that all children would make a donation to come to school on Friday 13th November dressed in either bright colours or spots! The School Council and Junior Road Safety team thought it would be a good idea to join together and think about road safety and keeping safe as the nights draw in.  As well as dressing up each class had their own 'Design an outfit for Pudsey' to help keep him safe in the dark. This added some more excitement to the day and gave people a further opportunity to be creative. The winners were chosen by school council and announced in year group assemblies the following week.  At the last count we raised a fantastic £216.96 for the charity!

Remembrance 2020

This year for Remembrance day all of the school council members were involved in selling Poppies  and other merchandise to support the Royal British Legions Poppy appeal.  This was a huge success, so much so we had to ask for more bits to be delivered as we ran out of stock! Although we are yet to have the official figures of the amount we raised in school it was well over £350 at the last count! What an amazing effort from all our children and families for such a worthwhile cause.

Each academic year at Ranelagh starts with a very important job...electing the school council! There is one representative from each class, apart from Year 5/6 where there is a representative from each year group per class. Voting for our school council members creates a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to learn about democracy. 


This year we have had to rethink how the meetings are held due to the restrictions we face of not mixing class bubbles and how often we can meet.  We are trying to meet as often as we possibly can to share ideas and support our school.


Meetings take place with School council members and Miss Felgate. The meeting is run according to an agenda and minutes are taken so we can refer back to what has been discussed. Also, weekly meetings enable issues to be discussed as they arise. 


The successful candidates must have the following attributes: reliability, fairness, honesty, enthusiasm approachable and must be committed in their role of improving our school. 

Example of School Council Agenda/Minutes