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At Ranelagh we are proud to be a THRIVE school.  We believe in putting the emotional and social development of our children at the forefront of their education, which is why we use the THRIVE approach to support children across the school.


What is THRIVE?

Thrive is a systematic approach to the early identification of developmental needs of children.  Based upon the latest research from neuroscience, attachment theory, learning theory and child development studies.


Why use Thrive?

Addressing emotional needs early builds resilience and resourcefulness, decreases the risk of mental illness and helps children who are at risk of disengaging with learning.


How do we use THRIVE in our school?

Our trained THRIVE practitioners use THRIVE online to assess the individual needs of each child or class.  We then build an action plan with targeted strategies and activities to help children regulate and re-engage.

Thrive uses a developmental framework to clarify connections between emotional and social development, behaviour and learning.  Child development is depicted in six developmental strands - the six fundamental aspects for learning and development.


At Ranelagh, we believe in creating a safe place for our children to feel they belong, they are loved and they are special.  Together we can help every child to thrive!


If you would like to find out more, please visit or email our THRIVE team on

Our Thrive Team