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Welcome to Ranelagh Nursery

Mrs Clark - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Eaton - Nursery Nurse


We also work closely with the Reception children and staff


Mrs Clark
Mrs Eaton

Welcome to our Nursery Class!



Times : 8.45am - 11.45am every morning



We are an educational setting and work as an Early Years Unit, this means that the Nursery children work alongside the Reception staff and children. We are qualified teachers and support staff with a wealth of experience. The children have access to an environment rich in resources and opportunities. We work hard to settle the children and help them learn and develop into happy, confident individuals, eager to learn about the world!

When the children arrive at nursery in the morning, we ask that you help them to change into their indoor plimsolls and hang their coat on their peg. They will find their picture on our self-register, and get busy with a wide range of activities. At nursery the children learn about being part of a group, how to share and take turns, and their first steps to being independent. Velcro shoes, easy pull-up trousers and loose clothing will all help the children to be independent. 



Outdoor Learning

The children can choose to play inside or outside throughout the morning, whatever the weather. When they go outside, we will be encouraging them to change into wellie boots. Please ensure they have a suitable coat, e.g. a warm coat for cold, windy days or a waterproof coat for wet rainy days. It is very helpful if you encourage and help your child to be more independent at home too, especially with things like putting on their own coat and shoes. We will also be visiting our woodland area regularly too, where the children will learn about the changing season, insects and nature. 




Nursery Routines

We encourage the children to wear aprons and waterproof clothing, but sometimes they get very messy, so please ensure they wear their old clothes. It is a good idea to write their names in their coats and shoes too. 

We work with small groups of children at specific, planned activities, for example; speech and language games, listening games, maths tasks and activities to develop turn taking and social skills. 

At the end of each morning we come together as a group to listen to a story and join in with a variety of songs and rhymes. 


Each Monday the children can choose a library book to bring home and share with you. We hope this will encourage the children to develop a love of books and learn how to use them carefully. Please help them by turning pages correctly, talking about the pictures, pointing to the words as you tell the story. You will be given a Library diary so that you can write about any other books your child enjoys and tell us if they enjoy particular stories and books. To help the children learn to keep school books safe and look after them, you can buy a school book bag for £3.50, from the school office. These are very hard-wearing and will last for a long time.


The children can have a drink and a snack when they are ready, it is available through the morning. They can choose milk or water, which they pour into a cup to drink. They are encouraged to be independent, choosing fruit or vegetables, such as bananas, apples, carrot sticks, cucumber etc. We also provide a range of other snacks, including a biscuit, cheese and crackers, breadsticks or toast. Sometimes we will cook with the children, making soup, cakes, pizzas etc

To cover the costs of these additional snacks, ingredients for cooking and making play dough etc. we ask for a contribution of £5 each half-term or £10 per term.



The children can choose where they would like to work and it might look like they are just playing, but this is how young children learn. As the adults, we observe and talk to the children, helping them to develop and learn new skills. 

Autumn Term

We have had a very busy Autumn Term; we had a visit from Kimmy's zoo, they brought some interesting animals to school for us to look at and learn about.

We also went on the coach to the theatre, to watch Arthur's Dreamboat. A story with puppets and songs. 

We have had two share sessions where we invited our grown-ups to come into school. One of them was to learn about using Tapestry, so they can look at the observations of our learning at school. The other was for our Christmas craft morning! We had a great time making lots of Christmas decorations, decorating biscuits and we even made reindeer food for Christmas eve!

Please take a look at the photos on the Reception page. 

The Nursery children are always busy