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Access to School

Can family members come into school?

  • Only in emergencies will parents be permitted to come into the school building.

  • If you have a question, please phone the school office.

  • If you need to drop in a letter/form/etc, please post in through the letterbox by the school office

  • Please be organised - we do not want lots of people dropping off lunch boxes, etc later in the day.

  • Adults will be on entrances to meet and greet your children at the beginning of the school day and teachers will come out with their class at the end of the school day. We ask that you only speak to them face to face if the matter is urgent, if it is not, please phone the school office or email teachers on their dedicated class email address. Please comply with 2m social distancing.  Face coverings should be worn.


What if I need a meeting with a member of staff?

We will try to do meetings by phone or video call if possible. If a face to face meeting is required, social distancing measures will be put in place. All meetings need to be arranged in advance by telephoning the office.