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Week starting 22nd June

This week I would like you to continue developing your maths-based logic skills. 

 Here is the puzzle that we began to look at last year and we weren't able to solve.  Test yourselves to see how far your maths has developed.

So.....Who does own the crocodile?

How will you record your findings?

Who owns the crocodile????

There are 5 girls sitting in a row.

Each girl has a favourite chocolate bar, colour, pet, hobby, and would like to go on a certain holiday.

All the girls like different things.

Your task is to solve the following clues - "who owns the crocodile"

Jo likes the Wispa Bites.
The person with the hamster likes swimming
Hannah eats Dairy Milk

Jessica is on the left of Georgina
Lucy is the first on the left
The first person on the right likes swimming
The person who eats Milky Bars owns a horse
The person in the middle eats Dairy Milk
Jessica likes green
The person on the left of the middle wants to go to Tobago
The person who wants to go to the Maldives likes lilac
The person who likes Wispa Bites sits next to the person who wants to go to Florida
The person who likes pink wants to go to Florida
the person who sits first on the left likes lilac
The girl that likes blue owns a puppy
The person who likes skiing sits next to the person who has a hamster
The girl on the right of the girl who likes tennis likes horse riding
The girl next to the girl who likes Milky Bars likes Boost
The girl who likes purple wants to got to Canada
The girl who likes Crunchies owns a rabbit
The girl who likes skiing sits next to the girl who plays ten-pin bowling
Jessica wants to go to Australia

Who owns the crocodile?


(Email or post on the dojo, your answers and I will let you know if you are close!!!)




Here is an example of a logical approach towards recording your findings - Of course, the best methods is the one that works for you.