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Week beginning 1st June

What a Wonderful World!!

As I was thinking about a 'Wonderful World Wednesday' activity I was reminded of the song by Louis Armstrong - click on the link above to listen

The world at the moment can seem like a difficult and scary place but it is important to remember that the world is also a wonderful place.

So for today's task I would like you to get outside in your garden, go for a walk in a park, or just look out of your window, and find the wonder in nature.  

Then I would like you to think about questions or statements based on your observations.

e.g. - Why do ants walk in straight lines?

Do spiders need to be taught how to spin webs?

Why do ladybirds have different amounts of spots?

Are butterfly wings symmetrical?

Do birds make up their own songs?

Dandelion seeds seem to be shaped like perfect miniature parachutes.

The back of a leaf looks like the branches of a tree.


You could create a photo collage, poem or just ponder questions and statements.

I am really looking forward to where you find the wonder of the world around you.


Takiyah found how surprising and amazing nature can be - click the film below.


Takiyah video

Still image for this video
Takiyah knows that nature can be amazing and found in surprising places!