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Week beginning 8.06.20


 This week, your challenge involves answering questions about data, or information, that is shown in different ways, such as in a line graph, in tables or a pie chart. Carefully read and understand the information that is being shown, before answering the questions.  

1. A Line Graph Showing the Temperature of a day in May

1. What was the temperature at 17:00?

2. What time was the highest temperature recorded?

3. At which times was the temperature less than 19˚C?

4. What was the difference in temperature between the lowest and the highest temperature?







2. A Table showing the favourite drink flavours of the children in Years 5 and 6.

1. Using the information in the table, fill in the missing boxes.

2. How many more boys prefer apple than girls?

3. What percentage of children prefer orange?

4. Which was the least favourite flavour?








Extension Challenges:

3. Here is a bus timetable:

 1. How long does it take to get from the school to the market on a Monday?

 2. John arrives at the beach at 09:45 on Wednesday. What time had he got on the bus at the park?

 3. On which morning is it quicker to get from the shops to the pool?






4. 32 people were asked which were their favourite fruit. This Pie Chart shows the results:

1. What fraction of the people said grapes were their favourite fruit?

2. How many people preferred grapes?

3. What fraction preferred strawberries?

4. How many people preferred strawberries?

5. How many people said oranges were their favourite fruit? 



Printed version of challenge and answer sheet