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Week Two

Calculator Words

Did you know that you can read words on your calculator?

Well you can if you turn it upside down!

(Use the calculator on a phone if you don't have a calculator)

Find a calculator.  Got it?  Good.

Now type in 0.7734   Turn the display upside down.


Try these on your calculator,  

turn the answer upside down and you should get a word.

39459 divided by 7 = (spiders have 8)

15469 x 5 = (put this to your ear and hear the sea)

10,000 - 9,393 = (it's easy to fall off this)

1792202 x 3 = (put these on to see underwater)


So here is your task.  How many four, five, six or even seven letter words can you make?

Can you make a whole sentence????

What is the longest word you can make?

Can you create calculations where the answer is a word?