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Week beginning 6th July

Create your own sundial  

Did you know that humans have been telling the time for thousands of years? There are examples of shadow clocks found dating from 1500 BC (ancient Egyptian times).


 - Sundials indicate the time by casting a shadow or throwing light onto a surface known as a dial face or dial plate.

They use a fixed object which casts a shadow.  This is called a gnomon.

Today I am asking you to have a go at creating your own sundial. You can use a stick/pencil as a gnomon or you could use your own body to cast shadows.

Your challenge is then to be able to tell the time using your sundial tomorrow.

Use the information below to create one. Alternatively, stand on exactly the same sunny spot every hour and mark the top of your shadow with a rock or chalk your outline every hour.  Tomorrow you should be able to use your clock to tell the time.

- You are very reliant on a sunny day for this activity, so an alternative activity is to carry out research into how important the sun is to us.  How do we rely on the sun for food, power?  How does the sun control the weather?  Which festivals are held in worship of the sun?  Can you create a poster explaining the importance of the sun to our survival?