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Tuesday 2.2.21

Phonics- Year 1- 02.02.21

Hi everybody, today we are recapping the sounds 'ai', 'ee' and 'igh'.

Please use this video to go over these sounds and words that you would hear them.

2.2.21 English 

LO: I am learning to write a character description.



The wolf is missing and the police are desperately trying to catch him. They need wanted posters made to put up around the forest and local villages to warn people and they need you to make one!

On this poster, you must include a description of what the wolf looks like as well as other information that might be important including what crime he has committed, where he was last seen and what his personality is like. Make sure to use capital letters, full stops, phonics and word mats for spelling and your best handwriting so everyone can read it.

If you would like to make the posters look worn like the image below, you can always use tea to stain them :)




2.1.21 Grammar part 1

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sorry the date on the video should say the 2nd February!

2.2.21 Grammar part 2

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2.2.21 Grammar activity


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LO: Recall and use multiplication facts for the 2, 5, 10 times tables, including odd and even numbers.

Success Criteria:
To read sums that have + , - and x symbols
2. Use multiplication facts for 2, 5 and 10 times tables
3. Recall odd and even numbers

02.02.21 - Geography: Oceans

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