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Week beginning 30.03.20


This week, our challenges and activities will be all about 'time', using both analogue and digital clocks!

There are a few activities at the beginning of the week, to help you practise your time-telling skills, then following these, some challenges that involve real life situations. 

If you would like to tackle some test-type questions involving 'time', there are some of these also included, to perhaps try at the end of the week!

There is no need to print out the sheets (unless you want to), you can work from the screen and just write your answers in your exercise books, just as we do in class.




Choose your level of challenge (1 is easier or 2 is more difficult)

Be careful to notice whether it's am or pm and use the poster from Monday to help you.


Aim to complete at least 6 of these challenges. Write the date, use your book to show any working out and then write your answers, next to the challenge number. There is no need to write the challenges in your book. 


Choose your level of challenge (1 is easier, 2 is more difficult)


Don't forget to complete your Big Maths Challenge today, if you haven't done it already this week!

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