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Week beginning 15th June

Has lockdown improved air and sea quality?

How can you ensure that this continues?

Lockdown has, undoubtedly, been a very difficult, distressing and life-changing experience for most people in the UK and throughout the world.

Possibly one of the only positives to come from the pandemic has been the effect on air and sea pollution.

The lowering of gas emissions means we have cleaner, clearer air and oceans.

As an Asthma sufferer, this has been very noticeable.

Lessening of ocean noise pollution has helped our whale population to navigate the seas more effectively.


I am sure that you have noticed more people walking and cycling in recent weeks.

Your task this week is to create a campaign to encourage people to continue to walk, cycle, skate and also to holiday in their home country (to limit plane flights).

How will you help people to see the benefits of a healthier, less polluting lifestyle?

A poster, factfile, PowerPoint, video advert, Newsround segment?

You will need to use persuasive language and help people to see the positive effects of less travel and why this should continue: cleaner air, less health risks, positive effects on tourism and the positive effect on animal lifestyles: