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Friday 5.2.21

Friday 05.02- Phonics- Year One.
Today we are recapping the sounds 'oa' 'oo' and 'ar'.

Please use this video to remind your child of these sounds that we have previously learned. As you read through the words, you can talk about whether they know what the word means, whether they can say it in a sentence and if they can then write the sentence.

5.2.21 Computing

Algorithms in the kitchen!


Today I would like you to have a go at writing a set of instructions, an algorithm, for preparing a meal or snack. You could write an algorithm for how to make a cup of tea, bake biscuits, prepare your favourite breakfast or how to cook your dinner. Please make sure an adult is helping you if you are using a hot oven or kettle.

Make sure your instructions are numbered, clear, include pictures (diagrams) to support your instruction and can only be completed in one way. 

For example, if I needed someone to put bread in the toaster to make jam on toast, make sure you say 1 slice otherwise someone could try putting the whole loaf of bread into the toaster! Nightmare!

Example algorithm

Music- Friday 05.02

LO: Use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes

Please watch this BBC Music video and join in with singing the chorus, talking about the rhythm of the songs and rhymes that you can hear in the songs. It is all about Little Red Riding Hood so links very nicely with our English lessons this week!

Have fun!

05.02.21 Art

LO: I am learning to manipulate dough to change the shape of an object.
For today's session you will need some dough or playdough. There are 3 parts to our art lesson today.
1) Warm -up your fingers by trying some dough gym:
2) Use the picture to practise some of your techniques.
3) Choose an object around your house and try making it out of playdough. It could be easy like a bowl or more difficult like a car!

05.02.21 PE

LO: I am learning to follow a dance routine.
For your warm up have a go at playing the pirate game from our PE sessions. 
Once you are warmed up try some Zumba by learning one of these minion dances!

I like to move it:

Electronic song: