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Week beginning 29.06.20

3D Shape Challenges



pyramid,   prism,    cube,   sphere,   cuboid,   cone,   cylinder, octahedron,  tetrahedron, face,   net,   vertex,   vertices

Challenge 1

Can you unscramble the name of the 3D shapes, then match them to the correct shape net?





















Challenge 2

Solve the clues below; they are all either descriptions of 3D shapes, or vocabulary associated with shapes. Don't forget to use the vocabulary bank at the top of the page to jog your memory and to check your spellings!

Then insert them into the crossword....if you have answered them correctly, they should fit together!



1   This shape has 6 rectangular faces (6)

3   Where 2 faces meet (4)

 4   This shape has 8 triangular faces (10)

5   This shape has 2 circular faces (8)

6   The 2D surface of a 3D shape (4)

8   A corner on a shape (6)

10   A 3D shape where the cross section is the same all along its length (5)


2   This shape has 6 square faces (4)

7   This shape has a square base and triangular sides (7)

8   The word for more than one vertex (8)

9   This shape has no vertices (6)

11   This shape has 4 triangular faces (11)

12   This shape has 1 circular face (4)






















Find examples of everyday objects which are common 3D shapes. Accurately draw and label the object and its shape net, as below: 


Shape Challenges- printed version

Shape Challenges- Answers