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Week beginning 23.03.20

This week I would like you to watch the film The Catch below and write the story that is told. 

1. Sequence the events in the story :

The fox steals the small fish and runs away. The boy catches a very small fish. The fox stops running and the boy discovers he has followed the fox to the ocean.
The boy builds a fishing rod and catches two very large fish. The boy chases after the fox for a long time with many obstacles.  The boy is sitting and fishing in a shallow pond.
The boy hears a sound and find a fox caught in a trap. The boy gives the fox one of his fish and walks back to his village. The boy cuts the fox free from the trap.

2. Flesh out the events with descriptive language and detail. 

3. Check over your work and improve it (this could take two drafts)


Writing this story should take you about 3 or 4 days if you spend about an hour working on it each day. Remember editing and improving your story is just as important as writing it the first time!


Things to remember;

- Use adjectives and adverbs to describe the characters and setting. 

- Use a wide range of vocabulary.

- If you use speech remember to use speech marks.

- Use a range of sentence lengths to make your work interesting and build suspense. 

- Check your punctuation and spelling once you have finished.

The Catch

a film by Josh Carroll and Scott McWhinnie produced at Ringling College of Art + Design Department of Computer Animation Class of 2012