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Throughout this term we are going to be focusing on developing our flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.


Every week, we will focus on a few activities that will help us with improving one of these skills as well as doing some sort of activity to get us moving and being more active.


Activity 1 - Create a warm up for your favourite sport


Step 1 - Choose your favourite sport

Step 2 - Using what you learnt in last week's Science lesson, think about which muscles you would use in this sport.

Step 3 - Find/think of 3 stretches that would be useful when doing this sport. You could practise them and teach them to somebody else in your household.


Activity 2 - Active video


I'm sure you all heard of the active videos that Joe Wicks put on last shutdown. He has started them off again this morning and they are a great way to improve your strength and general fitness.


If you would like to do something different, you could try out a yoga video to help improve your flexibility, balance and strength. 

Their YouTube channels are linked below so that you can have a free choice of your workout.

PE With Joe | Monday 11th Jan 2021

Yoga for Kids!

Activity 3 - 60 second challenge


Below are attached some extra activities that you can do to try and challenge yourself to beating your school. The equipment is kept to a minimum but you will need to time yourself to 60 seconds each time. Let your teachers know what score you got on each activity!