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Therapeutic Thursday

Week beginning 14.7.20

Therapeutic Thursday

Artist Gordon Field draws and studies trees. Here is an activity to help you feel calm and connected…

Week beginning 6.7.20

Therapeutic Thursday Talking games

Talking is a great way to open up, share your feelings and to feel happy.


Why don’t you try these talking games today?


  1. Would you rather?

Think of a tricky question and ask each family member in turn. Get them to justify their answers! e.g. Would you rather hold a snake or a frog?


  1. Fact or Fiction.

In this game each person takes turns telling two things that are true about themselves and one thing that is not, the other players must then guess what is fact and what is fiction. Younger kids may not quite ‘get’ this conversation game, but often their additions to the conversation are hilarious anyhow.


3.Ask 3

Choose three questions and ask someone else. For example, their favourite colour, food, film, country to visit or dream.


  1. The yes/no game?

Think of a famous person and don’t tell anyone who it is. You can ask 20 yes/no questions to try and work out who they’ve chosen. For example, Is it a female? Are they in films? Do they have brown hair etc.

Week beginning 29.6.20

Therapeutic Thursday - Natural Sculptures  

There is a very famous artist called Andy Goldsworthy. He makes sculptures out of natural materials…

Being outside is a great way to make you feel happier. Today can you take a walk and make an Andy Goldsworthy inspired natural sculpture?


Don’t forget to share your pictures with us!

Week beginning 22.6.20

Therapeutic Thursday




Do you remember the first time you folded a paper airplane? Origami is an ancient, peaceful craft and a proven stress reliever.

The word origami comes from the Japanese words oru, to fold, and kami, paper. The exact origins of this ancient practice are unknown but has been traced as early as 6 BC to Buddhist monks, who used origami for ceremonial purposes.


Start off by watching this video…


Now have a go at making your own…


Don’t forget to share your paper folding with us too!




Week beginning 15.6.20

Therapeutic Thursday

Kindness Quotes

Kindness can be an action, a small action, which we make a choice to help somebody and make them feel better about themselves. It can have a big impact on people around us.


Throughout the history of the world many people have spoken about kindness. There are many famous quotes on the subject such as:

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop.

Have a read of some more quotes here…


Then have a go at coming up with your own kindness quote. Make it into a poster and display it in your house.


Don’t forget to share it with us too!

Week beginning 8.6.20

Did you know that singing is a great stress reliever? When we sing our bodies release feel good hormones which in turn increases our happiness. So why not give this singing workshop a go today…


Week Beginning 1.6.20

Daily Challenge

Therapeutic Thursday

Do you know what a Growth Mindset is? Watch this video…


Now make a growth mindset poster using these statements to help…

Something easy for me is…

Something that takes a lot of hard work for me is…

Something I think I need more practise on is…

Something new I would like to try is…

Three things that make me awesome are…


You can make your poster really colourful and add pictures to go with each statement.

Don’t forget to share them with us.






Week beginning 18.5.20

Therapeutic Thursday

Your task today is to make a list of seven kind things you can do for someone else.  This could be for people you live with (e.g. do the dishes one evening, tidy your room, read with your brother or sister) or people you don't get to see every day (send someone a compliment by text, draw a picture and send a photo of it to your grandparents, etc). Each day, do one of the seven kind things from your list.

                                             Week beginning 11.5.20

Therapeutic Thursday - Resilience


In today's Daily Challenge we are thinking about the very important value of resilience. At the moment resilience is so important to help us get through difficult times.


Your task is to think about a real or fictional character that has shown resilience and has inspired you. You could draw a picture of them, write about what makes them resilient, make a poster or anything else you can think of.



Week beginning 4.5.20

Family Strengths Tree


Your task today is to draw a strengths ‘Family Tree’, either for your family, or for your group of friends, your class or your school. Think about how these strengths you all have can help you overcome challenges together.


Make your poster as colourful as possible.

When you’ve made it take a photo for us and then display it somewhere in your house where everyone will see it.

Week beginning 27.04.20

Today is Thank you Thursday.

Your task today is to make a poster to thank your postman/woman and any delivery drivers that bring food or other items to your home.

Make your poster as colourful as possible. What message would you like to give them? What symbol could you use as a sign of thanks?


When you’ve made it take a photo for us and then display it outside your door where they will see it.